Wednesday, November 7, 2012

JSTF: From Taliban to Oral Roberts

Upping the ante on destructive superstition, the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation has now taken Olympian Charlie Kellogg's skis hostage and will execute them if enough people don't donate to the poor, beleaguered touring center.

It's like when Oral Roberts said God was going to take him out if his followers didn't fork over a cool million. Why someone who urgently desires heaven would tell his followers to dig deep in their pocketbooks to keep him in this vale of suffering raises questions the average superstitious believer never seems to ask. Logical thought is a sin.

In another sense, Jackson Ski Touring's lighthearted rallying call to vandalism is more like a simple hostage grab by religious zealots. They don't even have to believe what they claim to believe. They've simply taken something or someone, hoping enough people value the threatened object to produce a decent payday.

If they need something to throw on the fire, how about marriage licenses people are no longer using?

Burn, Baby, Burn.

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